Swishin' Mission

The Quinn Keast Foundation has teamed up with Brodan Thiel of the Swishin Mission to make sure that community and school basketball hoops have nets. After all with no net there is no swish! Brodan runs Dynamite Basketball Academy and, among other things, wanted to help the solitary shooters get more shots by having rebound-controlling nets: less running around means more shots taken. He relies on social media to get tips on where nets are needed and then swoops in at whatever hour of the day and dresses the hoops. Brodan’s philosophy aligns with the QKF Quinn’s Court program which has built courts at several locations in Greater Vancouver. The QKF is a proud supporter of the Swishin’ Mission and the idea that there are more and more kids taking more and more shots and working on their skills. More nets, no regrets.


Jamie KeastComment