Quinn's Court: Templeton Secondary School

Media Release: Quinn's Court Opening

On June 10th, 2011 the Quinn Keast Foundation and Templeton Secondary School of Vancouver will host a celebration of the completion of three new basketball/ball hockey courts at Templeton. With funds from the QKF for some new hoops, Templeton’s Athletic Director Mike Allina jump-started a project which grew into new paving of the outdoor rec area, thanks to the Vancouver School Board, and the addition of six hockey nets courtesy of the Templeton Grad Council of 2011.

Just as Quinn was passionate about the game of basketball and the Quinn Keast Foundation is passionate about supporting the game and it’s athletes throughout B.C., Mike is passionate about creating basketball and recreational opportunities for his students and the surrounding community.

On the afternoon of June 10, basketball players and physical education classes of all ages will scrimmage on the three brand new outdoor courts: elementary kids from Templeton’s feeder schools at 1 pm, P.E. classes from Handsworth and Templeton at 2 pm, senior high school players at 3 pm and an adult set of games featuring alumni and Vancouver Police athletes.

Quinn was a very committed basketball player leading up to his championship season in 2005/2006 at Handsworth. The new courts and this event is a tribute to what Quinn was most dedicated to and also is intended to encourage players and non-players of all ages to participate in the game. This day also marks the 5th year anniversary of Quinn’s passing.

Quinn’s friends and family will wrap up the event shooting with the younger players on Quinn’s Court. There will be a BBQ and music throughout the event. Everyone is welcome.

Jamie KeastComment