The Story

Quinn Keast was born on March 3, 1988 along with his twin sister Jamie. Growing up, he played hockey, soccer, baseball and basketball. Quinn was a fine young man that excelled in all his sports, his favorite being basketball. His biggest dream in his graduation year was to win the provincial championship. This dream came true to him in March of 2006, when he led the Handsworth Royals to their first ever final win. Quinn was the MVP of the final game, and won all stars throughout the tournament.

As a son, Quinn was always very close to his family. There was no good, or bad, thought left unsaid. He treasured the time that he had with them. As a brother, Quinn and Jamie were very close. They shared friends, memories, laughs, and basketballs. They did most things together, and always looked out for one another.As a friend, Quinn was loyal and compassionate. He never took advantage of the time he had with his friends, and he lived his life with no regrets.

In Quinn's journal, he wrote that he wanted to make grade 12 the best year of his life. On June 10, the night of Handsworth's dinner and dance to celebrate graduation, Quinn danced with his mom and Jamie, her dad. Quinn told mom that this was the greatest night of his life and how much he loved his family. He truly did live with no regrets.  An hour later he was gone from our lives.

When something like this happens, there is no answer. One seeks for answers and explanations, but finds none. For some it takes a lifetime to leave an everlasting impression. It takes a lifetime to teach and acquire dedication, determination, passion and grace. It takes a lifetime. Quinn only needed 18 years. He did all of this. He left an everlasting impression on thousands. He taught everyone that nothing should be left unsaid, and therefore you should live with no regrets.   

From this, the Quinn Keast Foundation arose.


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