Glen Chu, founder of 3D Basketball Academy and Coach of 2004 AAA Provincial Champion Argyle Pipers:

I coached Quinn Keast longer than any other athlete in my coaching career; it was and always will be my honour. We first met when he was nine-years old; he quickly dedicated himself to the game of basketball that he so passionately lived and loved.

I had coached for some years prior to our introduction, but it had never been so rewarding until Quinn and his counterparts entwined themselves into my life.  Coaching had always been rewarding, but the dynamic relationship I shared with all of them, especially Quinn, was what inspired me to be more to all of them each day; they reciprocated effortlessly.

It was immediately evident that Quinn did not play this game for fun; he played it because he loved how it made him feel. He loved that it was more than just a game, it was never as simple as putting the ball in the basket. His passion was infectious and his attitude and work ethic resonated whenever he had a basketball anywhere near him. He valued the intangibles he learned through the game and applied them in every facet of his life.

Quinn transcended the game at a very young age. He understood what the game should look like in its' purest form. He understood what it meant to be on a 'team'. He knew what a good team-mate should be and he aspired to be that team-mate both on and off the court '“ another one of his many achievements. He believed in the concepts of excellence, perfection, commitment, loyalty and discipline; he defined himself by all that he believed in; he played that way and lived that way. Quinn is an example of what is possible when you live with passion and without regrets. 

Over the years, I have had opportunity to be both on and opposite Quinn's bench, the memories of those games will not be forgotten by anyone fortunate enough to have witnessed those epic games.  But for those of you who only saw the result, I assure you it was never just about the wins and losses for any of those athletes, it was about being in the gym when no was else was there, the training, the drills, the hours spent living the dream; it was about preparing to succeed, an attitude they earned one bead of sweat at a time.

Glen Chu

Friend, Coach, Mentor, and now, Student

"no regrets"

Hong Kong, September, 2008