Howe Sound "No Regrets" Player of the Final Game

This recognition is awarded to the "Player of the Final Game" of the Howe Sound Tournament in each of the AA, AAA and AAAA divisions. 


The Howe Sounds bring together all  boys teams from the North Shore in February each year to decide which team or, from time to time, teams will advance to the provincial tournament in March. Records for the tournament date back to the late 1950s. In 2014, the Quinn Keast Foundation established an award given to the player who distinguishes himself in the championship game. 


Anthony Liakakos (A Pemberton)

Dylon Matthews (AA Seycove Secondary)

David Finch (AAA Argyle Secondary)

Stanley Choo (AAAA Handsworth Secondary)


Josh Levy (A Mulgrave School)

Matteo Botteselle (AA St. Thomas Aquinas)

Canberk Gungor (AAA Bodwell)

Blake McLean (AAAA Handsworth Secondary)



Michael Calder (A Mulgrave Secondary)

Brendan Artley (AA Collingwood Secondary)

Jacob Chailfoux (AAA Sutherland Secondary)

Josh Pinton (AAAA West Vancouver High)




Ryan Gray (A Mulgrave Secondary)

Liam Faloon (A Pembteron Secondary)

Jaden Narwal (AA Collingwood Secondary)

Thomas Bush (AAA Windsor Secondary School)

Nick Broady (AAAA West Vancouver High)




Axel Loitz (AA Elphinstone Secondary)

Graddy Zubaidi (AAA Sutherland Secondary)

Luke Ryan (AAAA West Van Secondary)